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What is the tempting trick of despair?

*Imagine you’re browsing through your Facebook or Instagram feed, and suddenly you come across someone who is posting about their personal life or mental health issues. Would you be worried, or would you like to verify first whether the post is authentic? How do you know if it’s a natural gesture or to get attention? The suspicion is reasonable given that this new trend of ‘catfishing is rising online, where people often exaggerate their problems to gain sympathy. A recent example involves celebrity Justin Bieber, who blamed all his mistakes on his mental health issues. In 2019, when Justin Bieber talked about mental stress, life’s ups and downs, and his relationships in his Instagram post, he received a variety of reactions to it. Some accused him of ‘sad fishing,’ that is, to remain in the discussion by expressing his troubles. allegations of persistence Put it on Althoughfromsomeone’s post guess it easy to install

It is not that that person is unfortunate or is doing this to stay in the headlines. It is surprising when even famous personalities openly talk about their personal life in their social media posts.


How did this word come into the discussion?

However, the term’ catfishing is not new. For the first time, it was used by the British model Rebecca Reed. In his words, ‘catfishing means writing such sensitive posts, Through which people try to attract attention to themselves. However, sometimes discussions on important issues like depression or stress are termed ‘sad fishing.’ At the same time, in some cases, people write about their personal life on social media without thinking much, and others are waiting to apply chili and spices to it.

Such posts can increase tension; Desperate people become even more stressed when they are accused of sad phishing. Despite the need for help, they do not get the support of their family, friends, or acquaintances and are marginalized. It is also possible that some problem surrounds those who do ‘sad fishing.’ People with ‘Histrionic Personality Disorder’ also do this to get attention. Such people do not shy away from doing any drama to get praise. And when they don’t get sympathy, they get stressed.


Teenagers are more victims,

So the teenagers and youths are in search of their identity. Teenagers and kids become tired spend most of the day on social media.

He likes to tell him everything while spending time. While posting their status updates, they sometimes also emotionally share personal experiences, creating problems for them in the future. However, family members should be aware of this because sometimes it also comes to know about the deteriorating mental health of the people. If someone is experiencing symptoms like stress or depression, the problem should be listened to by talking patiently. If needed, a counselor or therapist can also be consulted.


Don’t do everything on a public platform.

Emotional detox facilitator Geeta Buddharaja explains, “Sadfishers may have some personal problems. If they are narcissists, they need attention and use ‘sad fishing’ as a tool. Such people use social media as personal space. Those who do sad fishing out of passion need to understand that they can solve their problems by discussing them in person; they cannot get help on public platforms. Such people need to keep in mind that the situation goes out of their hands when they post on social media. It would help if you also were prepared to face dire consequences for doing so. It is best to avoid posting such sentimental posts on social media. Such people should talk to their loved ones or do it.

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