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What is a rave party, how is the atmosphere inside?

Aryan Khan Drugs Case


  • Aryan Khan was arrested from the so-called rave party
  • Rave party culture is associated with a lot of risks

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been detained by Cordelia Cruz.  They are accused of having an alleged rave party on this cruise, and some drugs have also recovered.  Bollywood and medicines have an old connection, and rave parties are also an essential part of this connection.


Although what are rave parties, know about it.

Rave parties are usually held secretly as most parties are likely to be full of illegal drugs.  These parties are generally kept out of town or in a confidential manner.  Colorful lights, illicit drugs, people dancing incoherently are often seen in rave parties.  Some people come to these parties to dance just for their love of music, while others like to dance using drugs.

Although the entry of these parties is costly, in such a situation, upper-class people are primarily seen in these parties.  Typical Bollywood or Punjabi music is not heard at these parties, but only electronic music is played.  The lyrics are almost non-existent in this music as the beat of these songs creates a confusing atmosphere after taking drugs, which keeps the people coming to these parties dancing for several hours.


There is a very different kind of music at a rave party.

There are many music genres worldwide like techno, psychedelic trance, Psy ambient, forest, progressive and dark trance, house, acid pop that can be heard at these parties.  Music is essential at these parties, and many parties are made only for a particular genre.  For example, there are a lot of techno parties in the German city of Berlin. At the same time, many music festivals run in the woods or the middle of nature for three days, such as Ozora, Boom, and Shambala Festival, only trance, downtempo ambient, and psychedelic genres are heard.  Since most of these people are on drugs, these genres help make their trip better.


There are many risks of going to a rave party.

Some countries of the world consider rave parties as a means of revenue, and in these countries, the government’s attitude towards such parties is a bit soft, but it is not so in India’s rave parties.  In such parties, people can often try many things by getting carried away in emotions, due to which there is a risk of a drug overdose, and there have also been reports of death in rave parties.  The NCB or the police are raiding these parties.  There have also been reports of raids at several high-profile places in Mumbai in the last decade.  Since India’s laws regarding drugs are stringent, if any party is raided, people may have to stay behind bars for a long time.  This can have a tremendous negative impact on the career of these people.  By doing hard drugs, youth can also become addicted to these drugs, increasing the chances of spoiling their whole lives.

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