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top 10 real high paying freelance content writing opportunities

What is freelancing

Freelancing refers to freely working for some authority instead of being hired as a fixed employee.

For example, let there be a company named Saurska, and this company wants some creative and authentic designs for social media marketing and brand promotion. Still, the company doesn’t want to invest too much time in interviewing all the people.

So, this company decides to go online and asks people to serve them for this particular service rather than fixed employment. This type of working refers to freelancing.

Benefits of freelancing

  • Choice matters: You get to choose the projects you are comfortable with
  • Time flexibility: you can work at your most suitable time (make sure you finish the work before the deadline)
  • Free space: there is no foundation on where you work from your kitchen or balcony;
  • International Experience: As a freelancer, you may get the opportunity to work with international clients. With good enough pay, they also make your portfolio sparkle.

So, as we have looked at what is freelancing and its advantages we can start the list of high paying freelance content writing opportunities of 2021 :

#1 Article Writing

If you are a writer who can interact with a wide range of audiences while adding some value to their life, then article writing may be destined for you. Article writing is researched and information-based writing where you must convey the information to a larger audience, i.e., newspaper and magazine articles.

#2 Blog writing

In this type of writing, the focus shifts slightly to the reader’s interest, and the writer has a more conversational tone. A blog is generally short and conveys the message to the reader in clearly understandable language, i.e., a fashion blogpost.


#3 Ghostwriting

In this writing, a writer writes for someone else and doesn’t take the credit after getting paid and done. Many times published authors or organizations hire ghost-writers to complete their work and pay them accordingly.

#4 Creative writing

If you love fantasy and want to create one, then creative writing is just meant for you. Creative writing encourages you to write creative fiction stories which display imagination, i.e., Harry Potter.

#5 Translation writing

If you are a genius who can deal with multiple languages at a time, then translation writing may be your thing. As the name suggests, in this type of writing, you’re required to translate the given text from one language to another, i.e., English to Hindi translation writing.


#6 Copywriting

Advertisement is the present-day need to sustain in the market, which can not be neglected. Copywriting is the art of writing the text for advertisement persuading people to take some action ultimately, i.e., buy a product or sign up. A copywriter is generally paid well enough as it requires some mixture of marketing + writing skills.

#7 Editing

As the name suggests, it is the form of processing writing where the writer is required to make some changes to the text, like correcting grammar making sentences precise, accurate and clear.


#8 Proofreading

In this writing, a writer must find errors through the texts and make suitable changes. Unlike editing, proofreading focuses more on spell errors and punctuations.


#9 Technical writing

If you can ease the complexity and make hard-to-understand writing clearer, then this is the trait of a technical writer. This type of writing focuses more on the process of a particular service or product.

#10 Resume writing

Everyone knows that the first impression is the last and who wouldn’t want the best first impression in the highly competitive corporate world. So, this is where resume writing comes into play. Here the writer is asked to present an overview of complete professional life effectively.

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