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places with the most beautiful natural scenery in China

1. Changbai Mountain Tianchi

Changbai Mountain Tianchi is a dormant volcano. It is called Tianchi due to the accumulation of water in the crater. It is the largest volcanic lake in China and the most bottomless hole in the world.  The pool water in summer is bluer than the sky, the ice surface is as clean as snow in winter, and the natural scenery is beautiful. It is the first of the ten places with the most beautiful natural scenery in China.

2. Medog

Medog is the last county in China with no road access. To enter Medog, you need to travel through snowy mountains, dense forests, swamps, and other hardships. You can experience the natural landscape from the alpine cold zone to the tropical rain forest in just a few hours.  , Like a paradise, here you will re-recognize your life; it is the favorite of many adventure lovers.

3. Lijiang

Lijiang Scenic Area is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. It is the world’s largest and most beautiful karst mountain and water tourist area. It is a place that almost everyone must visit. The scenic spots here are clear, strange, and ingenious.  The characteristics of change can make people intoxicated.

4. Shennongjia

The natural landscape of Shennongjia is famous for its primitiveness. The mountains are high and deep, and the towering old trees create a mysterious virgin forest. The forest coverage rate is up to 97%. If you are lucky in the mountains, you can see golden monkeys and other wild animals.  It is one of the ten places with the most beautiful natural scenery in China.

5. Kanas

Kanas is a place that won’t make people feel complimented by any praise. There are lush and rolling mountains. Kanas Lake shrouded in mist is the most beautiful, adding a hint of mystery to make the whole scenery beautiful.  Quiet and serene, like a fairyland in a dream.

6. Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is China’s largest inland lake and the largest saltwater lake in China. Qinghai Lake has the same scenery in different seasons. The most beautiful seasons are summer and winter. In summer, the lake is full of vitality, beautiful scenery, and wildflowers.  The lake is frozen and wrapped in silver in winter, and the ice-bound king jade also has a unique taste.

7. Shangri-La

Daocheng Yading is known as “the last piece of the janitor on the aqua blue planet,” which shows its fascinating natural scenery. There are lush mountains, magnificent and sacred snow-capped mountains, and vast grass and clear blue.  In Haizi, you can see almost all the most beautiful natural scenery here.

8. Shangri-La

Shangri-La is the best choice for relaxation. It is called the closest place to heaven. Here you can see the big sky and the big world so that you can forget all your worries. There are vast grasslands, mysterious snow-capped mountains, and Canyons and lakes, and rich Tibetan characteristics also add a unique color to the natural scenery.

9. West Lake

The West Lake is a very representative tourist attraction in China. The scenery here has intoxicated countless people at home and abroad and left a lot of poems. There are many scenic spots on West Lake. The most famous ones are Leifeng Tower and Broken Bridge.  The Three Pools Reflecting in the Moon is among the ten most beautiful places in China.

10. Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou can be said to be one of the places that showcase its extraordinary craftsmanship to the extreme. It seems to be a primitive, simple, magical, and dreamy fairyland on earth. The unique landscape and Tibetan customs here attract countless tourists to come and play every year.

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