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how virat kohli spend his networth


According to a media report, Virat Kohli is the captain of our Indian team, and his net worth is approximately 1000 crore.

we are going to know that how he spends his 1000 crore by the following step

1) houses = Virat Kohli owns many places in India now; he lives in Mumbai and his wife Anushka Sharma in an omkar apartment. The cost of that apartment is 45 crore, and he also has one more bungalow in Delhi (gurugram) that costs 90 crores. He has all the facilities in that house and his gym three bedrooms, one hall and 1swimming pool.

2) private jet =many people dont know that Virat owns a private plane that cost is 125 crore, and only a few people have their private jet in India and Kohli is one of them he used his jet for traveling, and he likes to travel in his jet because he has fanbase very much and everwhere people gathered where he goes


3) cars = Virat Kohli has very much craze for his cars. He is the brand ambassador of Audi brand, and he has more than 30 cars in his garage and the total cost of his all cars is 20+ crore, and the most costly car that Virat Kohli have is Bentley continental, and the price of that car is four crores 8 lakhs and one more car that Virat has is Bentley flying spur and that car cost in nearly three crores in the 30 cars he has 20 cars of Audi brand, and all cars are super expensive with rare facilities he also owns a car that is range rover vogue, and its price is two crores 29 lakhs along with Audi Q7 Audi Rs5 he has almost every car that Audi hold he is crazy about his cars

4) gym = as we all know that Virat is very strict about his fitness he exercises every day to maintain the fitness he has invested 100 -190 crore rupees in his gym fitness and name that gym is CHISEL  and he has many chisel gym brand in India in all the state like Mumbai Hyderabad Bangalore

5) watches = Virat Kohli is also known as the watch lover. He wears different types tend and uses them very rarely, and all watches are very costly, and his most expensive is rupees 87 lakh that is Daytona rainbow ever rose gold. He used this watch very rarely


6)Wrogn = many peoples dont know that wrong is the clothing brand and that brand is covered by our Indian captain Virat Kohli he has invested 50 + crore in that brand and yearly he earn 100-150 crore from the wrong brand because of his vast fan following every one know the king Kohli brand this is how king Kohli used his 1000 crore he is not only a cricketer but also a very humble man we should always respect the players.

Virat the king Kohli.

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