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How can the transition to a healthy lifestyle succeed?

How can the transition to a healthy lifestyle succeed?

Diet and exercise programs support the transition to a healthy lifestyle. After the enthusiasm about the lost kilos and the muscles gained has evaporated, many fall back into old patterns.

The result is chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes. These diseases can be cured or prevented with a sustainable lifestyle change based on adequate exercise and a balanced diet. However, many sufferers find it difficult to change their lifestyle permanently: The challenges of everyday life – such as getting work and family under one roof – and the power of habit lead to the so-called yo-yo effect. But how can this be prevented?


We are setting new goals again and again.

According to a central finding of the research team, changing one’s lifestyle is not a process that can be completed. Staying tuned brings long-term success: “Those affected must always set new goals, actively work towards them and check their progress,” explains project manager Adrienne Schäfer from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. « In terms of a movement goal, this could mean that I set out to complete a certain amount of steps per week. I do this by jogging for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week and checking with the pedometer at the end of the week whether I have reached my goal.”

Lifestyle change is a constant challenge. “Experience reports from people who have successfully changed their lifestyle show that you have to stay tuned even after years,” says Schäfer. In addition, those affected should be aware of which forms of reward play a role and support sticking to it. “For some, the satisfied look at the pedometer is rewarded enough; for others, it is important to share their success or to receive compliments,” explains the study author.


The increasing importance of apps

Technical aids such as apps already play a central role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to the study results, their importance is likely to increase further. “The technical aids often take over control functions for which those affected used to have to visit the doctor or pharmacy,” explains Schäfer. However, apps have a functional benefits, such as controlling blood sugar or measuring the number of steps. You can also create emotional benefits by sharing your successes with the community. “Sharing experiences and experiences of success, but also setbacks, strengthens the emotional support of those affected and thus supports them to stay tuned,” explains Schäfer.


The private environment remains essential.

Even though digital channels and technical aids have become increasingly important due to the corona pandemic, trusted persons and personal contact remain essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the private environment such as family and friends, those affected often have a central person of trust, such as the doctor or the nutritionist, whom they meet regularly. Only when a certain degree of confidence has been built up, digital channels complement the personal exchange or are sometimes even preferred.

However, this does not mean that the personal environment loses importance. By far the most support for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sufferers receive the most support later in the transition from doctors, family, and people they live with. “Thanks to the broad support from the environment, those affected achieve a higher degree of autonomy and can maintain their healthy lifestyle in the long term,” explains Schäfer.


Networking affected persons and integrating the environment.

Autonomy is also promoted by low-threshold offers based on the more robust networking of providers in the healthcare ecosystem. For example, doctors can network affected persons with each other as “gatekeepers.” In this way, patients receive first-hand information from other patients. This relieves the burden on the doctor’s office and reduces healthcare costs. It is also worthwhile to include the social environment of those affected: If health insurance companies offer cooking courses for partners of those involved, everyday life can be managed more easily. In the long term, the health insurance companies benefit from such preventive measures and the entire health system.



Hence from the above, you must know how a transition to a healthy life is successful?

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